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Daimer's XTREME POWER XPH-9300 Carpet Cleaner

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Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines

Daimer's XTREME POWER XPH-9300UM Carpet Cleaner

Daimer's XTREME POWER XPH-5900I Carpet Cleaner

This highly popular steam cleanert features a pressure level of 170 psi for unparalleled cleaning power. Two powerful inline heating elements allow the Daimer's XTREAM POWER XPH-5900i commercial carpet steam cleaners to achieve temperatures up to a remarkable 210? F.
Pump Pressure 170 psi
Temp up to 210F
Flow Technology special low flow for faster drying
Solution Tank Size 4.5 gallons
Recovery Tank Size 4 gallons
Heating Elements 2 powerful inline heating elements

Powerful and Versatile Carpet Washer Systems For Commercial Applications

Maintaining carpeted areas in commercial settings, such as offices, retail stores, and restaurants, involves the use of the best carpet cleaning machines. In addition to eliminating dust and dirt particles from carpets, carpet cleaners also help dissolve and extract tough deposits even from the base of the carpets. Highly versatile versions of carpet cleaner systems come with special accessories and attachments that help maintain upholstery, wall partitions, curtains, and vehicle interiors.

While non-heated carpet cleaners use cold water for the cleaning process, heated versions utilize hot water to deep clean the carpets. The hot moisture ejected by heated commercial carpet cleaners helps dissolve and extract dirt deposits, dried food and beverages from carpets, thereby eliminating the risk of foul odors. The heat also ensures removal of germs, allergens and pathogens from carpets.

Commercial carpet cleaners feature several aspects that differentiate them from lighter-duty versions. While most of these aspects have been designed to boost the cleaning action of the carpet cleaner machines, others, such as the portability features, simplify the cleaning tasks. Now, here is a look at some important features of commercial carpet cleaners:

  • Pressure levels: Lighter versions of carpet cleaning machines feature low pressure levels. However, the challenging applications in commercial areas demand the use of commercial carpet cleaners featuring higher pressure levels as high as 500 psi. Top suppliers now offer commercial carpet cleaner systems of varying pressure levels, to cater to different cleaning tasks.

  • Temperature options: Compact versions of carpet cleaners come with single heating element that takes about 15 minutes to heat water. However, commercial carpet cleaner equipment featuring powerful heating elements are capable of generating water at temperatures of up to 210? F in just 5 minutes. These heated carpet cleaners offer better cleaning results than non-heated versions. However, while using heated industrial carpet cleaners, make sure that your carpets are made of fibers that tolerate high temperatures. Most natural fibers can shrink or get damaged by excessive heat.

  • Recovery and solution tanks: To enable continuous operation for long periods in commercial settings, the best rug cleaners come equipped with large-sized solution and recovery tanks. While the solution tanks feature a volume of 17 gallons, the recovery tanks may hold as much as 15 gallons. The huge solution tanks eliminate the need for users to refill water as often. The extracted deposits including dirt particles, water, and chemicals are extracted and directed into the recovery tank of the industrial carpet cleaner. Again, the large size of the recovery tank enables users to continue cleaning without having to take as many breaks to empty the recovery tank.
High-traffic commercial areas that accumulate lots of dirt and grime demand the use of top-grade commercial carpet cleaning machines. Choose powerful and versatile versions from leading suppliers, to keep the carpets looking good for longer. The quality versions will also last long and be a worthwhile investment.

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